Thursday, February 25, 2010

How flat? How lumpy?

I've taken a few days' vacation from work to do lots of things around the house--get re-organized and re-centered--but I fit in a few more experiments with things like dates and more flavorful flours, like graham or buckwheat. Nothing worth giving to the taste-testers, but I did get some photos for prodding our memories.

The taste-testers' recollections about the shape of the guerrilla cookie seem to differ a bit. It was definitely flat enough to be stacked in tall, thin bags, but how flat?

One person I tried to recruit as a taste-tester told me that he was not sure that he remembered the guerrilla cookie. He said that he thought they were taller and "got narrower around the base." I think he meant something like this shape. I decided he was correct that he does not remember the guerrilla cookie.

But how flat were they? Peter thought that Batch 75 (photo in previous post) was too flat, that the original guerrilla was more 'dodu,' or puffy in the middle. John made Batch 75 and thought they pancaked too much. I, too, think that several batches have been too flat, but trying to get a little more depth in the center has also led me to wondering about the surface texture.

Certainly, the surface had a sheen--everyone agrees on that. But when I try to get the cookie to mound a bit more in the center, I often turn the surface lumpier than I think is right. Setting aside the question of whether they are too flat, take a look at the following photos. I think the surface of the first cookie is lumpier than the original guerrilla was. While the second cookie below is too flat, its surface is closer to the guerrilla cookie of my memory.

If anyone else wants to express an opinion, please comment!


  1. The best of the three batches I've sampled. Had the right surface sheen and stickiness. Chopped up raisins in the batter were about the right size. I found the sunflower seed taste too pronounced. Also, I seem to remember distinct oatmal flakes in the batter and inside of the cookie being moister, but I could be wrong as taste memories, like other kinds,fade. Perhaps substitiute some more rolled oats for the steelcut oats.

  2. Hi, I am also in search of the infamous guerilla cookie. So happy to know that there are others who feel as passionate as I do. I remember wishing that I could duplicate this wonderful cookie back in the early 70's. I recall flax seed on the label. I remembered this one ingredient because it was unfamiliar to me at the time. I have learned that flax seed can be used to supplement some of the shortening in recipes. Anyone try this yet?
    I am too busy to experiment right now but this summer I will do so. Deb (from Madison)

  3. No, I have not tried flax seed. It is, however, on my list of things to try; I have a bag of flax seeds in the basement frig. Flax seeds look a lot like dark, shiny sesame seeds; flax seed oil is what might supplement some shortening, to a healthier effect.

    Thanks so much for that specific memory, Deb!

  4. Glad to see you are still at work on this- anything new in the last six months? I have to go to a Christmas cookie exchange and would love to bring these. I think the height in your first picture is about right. I remember the protein content was really high so your egg and milk efforts are probably right on. Wish someone could figure out how to get the shininess and the dark edge that were typical of the original cookies.

  5. I posted my latest attempt at your Toast site...i encourage the use of ground nuts to substitute for a portion of the flour. still not shiny enough nor chewy enough...